KC Whitetails & High XPectations Whitetails

Keith Warren takes a road trip to the sunshine state of Florida to discover how new deer farms can stem from seasoned veterans. Surrounded by orange groves, Keith meets two deer farmers who have helped each other grow in the industry.

Mike Mansfield, a staple in Florida deer farming, has helped jump start new farms across the country. This includes Florida’s own KC Whitetails. Chad Easley introduces his new deer farm and shows just how much, or how little, you need to get started in the whitetail industry.

Filled with bugs, laughs, and knowledge of deer, Keith, Mike, and Chad take part in helping to educate those interested in deer farming and show how they can help you grow big deer.


KC Whitetails:

WEB: www.KCWhitetails.com

PHONE: 321.698.9470

LOCATION: Mims, Florida


High XPectations Whitetails:

WEB: High XPectations Whitetails

PHONE: 239.851.6864

LOCATION: LaBelle, Florida